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An Easy Way to Save, Organize, and Access Photos of Hairstyles Online

If you’re a person who breathes, you’re fully aware of the endless clutter the internet spews at us everyday. How do you keep organized? Let’s say you come across a … Continue reading

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Hairstylists: 4 Tips for Posting Your Work Online

You don’t need expensive equipment, professional models, and a personal website to have an effective online portfolio. You can build credibility and get your name out there simply by taking … Continue reading

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Free Education! My Top 3 Salon YouTube Channels

Free education is at your finger tips, people! It’s just a click away! It’s convenient and useful – maybe even more useful than going to an expensive course. At least with … Continue reading

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Hairstylists: 4 Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog

If you’re a hairstylist and you’re thinking about writing a blog, you have a unique advantage; you know your audience and you’ve got something to say to them. If you’re … Continue reading

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5 Tips For Writing Headlines Your Clients Will Click On

If you’re a hairstylist or salon owner with a blog, the difference between your clients visiting your site or ignoring it altogether comes down to how well your headline grabs … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Hairstylists Are Happier Than Everyone Else

Did you know you are the happiest of the happy? According to City & Guild’s Careers Happiness Index 2012, hairdressers have the second-highest job satisfaction of all careers because hairdressers … Continue reading

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Salons with Blogs – Are You on the Social Media Map?

On this map you’ll find markers for Vancouver and Victoria salons that keep blogs. If you click on the place marker, you’ll find a link to their blog. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Farzad’s Barber Shop Uses Fan Page to Promote Charitable Initiatives

If you’re looking for an online way to promote your salon’s charitable initiatives this Christmas, look no further than Farzad’s Barber Shop’s Facebook Fan Page. The barber shop is raising … Continue reading

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How to Keep Up To Date with Current Hair Trends

Do you know what trends your clients want before they sit down in your chair? I always find one of the most difficult things about hairdressing is when someone comes … Continue reading

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A pile of hair is a pile of possibilites.

Hair clippings. Yes, they get under our skin. But they also find their way into: solar panels household insulation oil spill cleanups

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Value Village — The Fate Of Cheap Styling Tools

Don’t let bad tools happen to good clients.

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How to Treat Your Clients to a Tweet [Updated]

Twitter is like tiny online treats for your clients. It’s also the third largest social networking site on the internet at the moment, and it’s growing rapidly.  So how does … Continue reading

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Going Grey over Facebook Privacy?

A camera flash takes on new meaning these days. Especially when you’re out with friends, a drink in hand (after having several drinks in hand), and the blinding light stuns you … Continue reading

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